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Lay's Chips: Unique Local Flavors of China Series

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

📍Get it at your local Asian market | All ratings are out of 5 🌟

Lay's China, partnered with well-known snack brands, that are near and dear to Chinese local's hearts to produce this UNIQUE, line of chips. Now, that it's available in the US let's see if they are as good as the hype says they are.

Lay's collaboration with Zhou Hei Ya - Spicy Duck Neck flavored chips 辣卤鸭脖味
Lay's x Zhou Hei Ya - Spicy Duck Neck | 辣卤鸭脖味

Prices: 3 🌟

Taste: 2 🌟

Uniqueness: 5🌟

Lay's x Zhou Hei Ya - Spicy Duck Neck | 辣卤鸭脖味

Zhou Hei Ya | 周黑鸭 is a well known snack brand in China, that focuses and sells packaged braised duck jerky meats. It was established in 1997, and it's moto is “会娱乐更快乐” which means, "If you understand how to entertain (have fun), you will become happier." This moto, shows you how young and vibrant the brand is. Just like this bright yellow packaging. Now, let's get right into the review. This bag of chips, cost about $2.29 per bag. Not the most expensive, considering shipment fees and tariffs, but definitely not on the lower end of chips either. Thus, it earned a 3🌟 rating in terms of price. This price was the same across the entire series. (Note: prices are subject to change depending on area). In terms of taste it earned 2🌟, as I could not taste the braised duck flavor that was advertised. The taste was somewhat similar to their "Grilled Squid Flavor | 铁板鱿鱼味." But, definitely not as addicting, and of course without the seafood flavor essence in it. Now, when it comes to the spice. This is as advertised. The spice is an after kick, it comes in after 2 seconds and your mouth starts feeling the heat. I personally, felt that I was tasting two things, first the duck and then the spice. Which, to me is a big drawback and the spice was, very overpowering. Thus, it did not score well in my heart. But, like the other bags of chips in the series, it earns a 5🌟 in uniqueness, because it's a brilliant idea. Bringing two powerhouses together, to create something that's never been heard of. Which, reminds me of the Louis Vuitton and League of legends collaboration. Thus, I think the full rating is justified.

Prices: 3 🌟

Taste: 1 🌟

Uniqueness: 5🌟

Lay's x Wu Fang Zhai - Salted Duck Egg and Roast Pork ZongZi | 咸蛋黄肉粽味

Wu Fang Zhai | 五芳斋 is an OG brand in China, and when I say OG, you can already tell that this company has been around for a long time. In fact, this year marks their 100th year in business, as they were established in 1921. Now, eating zongzi is a big part of Chinese culture, there are many different types of zongzi, depending on the region, one is from. If you're interested in a zongzi review and historical background, comment below and let me know. Wu Fang Zhai's zongzi, is known around the Jiang Nan area and it's known for it's glutinous texture, and for their stuffing, such as their meat. It is fatty, but not overwhelming, and braised to perfection that it melts in your mouth. But, this chip on the other hand, did not meet my expectations. I could not taste the zongzi flavor at all. I could, somewhat taste the salted egg flavor but it's not very evident. The braised meat flavor, also just left the chat and never came back. So, I would recommend one to buy a real zongzi instead of spending money on this.

Prices: 3 🌟

Taste: 2.5 🌟

Uniqueness: 5🌟

Lay's x White Rabbit - White Rabbit Candy | 香浓奶糖味

White Rabbit | 大白兔 now I'm sure this brand is not one that needs to be introduced. It's well known internationally, and it's easily found in every Asian market. It is also, probably a low key obsession of every ABC, when they were young. I can already taste the candy just thinking about it. So chewy and the milk flavor is ever so fragrant. Milk lovers, if you haven't tried this candy, trust me. Go to your local Asian market and get it. Now, for those that don't know anything about the brand let me, give you a brief introduction. It was established in 1959 and it's very popular with the younger generation. That there's White Rabbit flavored ice cream and milk tea. A fun fact about this candy is that it was nicknamed "Candy of Harmony." Now, there's a story behind this, during the Iraq war, a news reporter went to report about the situation and brought a couple bags of this candy with him. He saw how unhappy and fragile the children before him looked and he decided to share the candy with them. The children lit up instantly. They held the candy that the reporter gave and nibbled at it sparingly. They then expressed their wish for world peace. They wished that when that time comes, it would be great if they were able to celebrate it by sharing this candy with other children. It's a touching story of how something as simple as candy, can light up a child's day in the face of war. And so, enough with the background, onwards with the review. This surprisingly was the best tasting one out of the entire series. The moment that I opened the bag, the room was instantly filled with the ever so familiar, rich milk flavor of the candy. I have to be honest, I was a bit worried about this since, it's a sweet candy Collab with a savory chip. I wasn't expecting much. But, surprisingly it was pretty good. If you like and or love honey butter chips you will like this. I gave it a 2.5 🌟 because the milk taste was so rich, that it was a bit overwhelming. But, if you were to try any in this series, it would be this one.

🍭So, tell would you try any of these?

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